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"Canby Rodeo - Rodeo Fly Girls"

Canby, OR, August 2013

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Pencil, 8”X6”

A pencil sketch commission I recently finished of the beautiful paint horse, Winn! He’s a regal fellow with a supreme sense of humor.

The piece looks a little softer and smoother in person. My camera nearly had a heart attack trying to capture the softness of the piece and settled instead on sharpening every pencil stroke.

However, I am still pleased as punch! Winn’s owner was very happy, gave me a hug, and is having the original framed to put on Winn’s wall of ribbons and accomplishments in her house.
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I’m proud to announce last week I became a first-time horse owner of a 9yo unregistered gelding, Dreamer! I am beyond ecstatic and I cannot wait to start my journey with this very special guy.

I am currently focusing on getting him up to weight, his shots UTD, feet trimmed and ground work to establish leadership and trust (its going very well so far!) I would like to then save up for a DNA test and register him. My goal is to start competing in gaming, cows or trails, whichever he should excel in: but most importantly to give him a job, something he hasn’t had much of. It will be our first time competing which is exciting! He will also be joining me when I settle on a training internship or equine related college. He’s going to be a busy boy, which is good!

With that said…Dreamer is the greatest gift I have ever received and my soul does a little happy dance when I’m out at the barn. His personality is quiet, brave and he loves to follow me around. I am so lucky to be his forever home and I will see to it he wants for nothing the rest of his days. <3
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New Followers!

I love this breakout of new followers!

I’m still very new to tumblr, so I’d be honored to hear about what drew you to my blog if you had a sec to drop by and share. Don’t be shy!

I’ll do my best to stop by your blogs too and see what you’ve got cookin’ if I don’t already follow you.

Thank you everyone and welcome!

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I am a fellow appy fan :) I own one!
cowgirlsdigscarss asked

Your Stormy is beautiful! Her coloring is quite lovely. :) How old is she?

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Princess Peach WIP

It’s about time she educated herself. ;)
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Adoration of the Toucan

Pike’s Place Market, Seattle, 2013

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"Big Whiskey", Summer 2013

Can we go back to summer yet?

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Does anyone know who took this photo originally?Gorgeous.

Does anyone know who took this photo originally?


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